Making Machines Smart

In this short introductory video. Get a glimpse of Mtell’s take on the new world of industrial maintenance – where the machines learn and are smart enough to ask for your help when they need it.

Mtell Failure Agent Workflow

An example of Mtell Autonomous Agent workflow, specifically failure agents, illustrating agent failure detection and response.

Behind the Software

See how Mtell uses machine learning for Prescriptive Maintenance using Autonomous Agents.

Prescriptive Maintenance

Mtell’s Prescriptive Maintenance uses Autonomous Agents that diagnose sensor data to determine symptoms that lead to equipment failure.

Industrial Internet of Things

Mtell uses the Industrial Internet of Things to prevent catastrophic equipment failure by connecting smart machines with Prescriptive Maintenance and big data with people and deep domain expertise.

Oil & Gas Case Study

An example of how Prescriptive Maintenance with Mtell Previse is changing industrial maintenance.

The Results of Machine Learning

See how Autonomous Agents reveal the results of machine learning and prescribe appropriate action.

Pattern Recognition

Learn how Mtell uses pattern recognition from known patterns, and deviation from known patterns, to send alert notifications at the earliest detection of machine degradation.

Machine Learning

Learn how Mtell Machine Learning technology uses archive sensors and historian data to enable machines to learn from their surroundings and detect miniscule anomalies prior to machine failure.

Transfer Learning

Through Mtell’s M2M Transfer Learning, learned conditions become “tribal knowledge,” and help to shorten the training period on new machines.

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