Prescriptive Maintenance is a cognitive process involving symptoms analysis, health diagnosis, consideration of alternatives for treatment, and then a prescription for action.

It requires the assembly, aggregation, and validation of data streams from machines and manufacturing processes; then uses diverse scientific, computational, and mathematical disciplines and business rules to predict outcomes, and lastly recommends and executes actions to deliver the preferred end result.

Prescriptive Maintenance from Mtell provides three key features:
1) Autonomous Agents
2) Elimination of false alarms
3) Transfer protection

Autonomous Agents

To use Mtell, you don’t need to know more than you already know. The hard stuff is performed by Autonomous Agents where each one is better than an expert person interpreting every failure signal, every minute of the day…forever – and tells you what will happen, when, and how to avoid it. Every CMA is dedicated to a specific pattern, watching to alert at the very earliest sign that it recurs, to recommend action, and initiate corrective action before damage can set in.

Mtell deploys three main types of Agents:

  • Hidden Failure Agents find unrecorded failure patterns in training data and exclude suspect data from baseline normal conditions.
  • Anomaly Detection Agents learn baseline normal behavior and perform live monitoring to expose abnormal operations – updating “normal” as conditions change.
  • Failure Signature Agents perform live monitoring, providing early warnings of recurrences by learning precise, specific failure signatures that lead to a given failure in the asset management system.

No More False Alarms

The bane of even the best of yesterday’s technology is the nuisance of false positives; those alerts and alarms telling you there’s something wrong, when there really isn’t. Repeat false positives assure those systems get ignored or disabled leaving you exposed to the risk they were supposed to prevent.

In contrast, with Mtell every message is a truthful, early, accurate forecast you can trust delivering good prescriptive advice that you can rely upon and take affirmative action. Also, when an agent uncovers a new anomaly, that on inspection, turns out to be the beginning of a never before see failure, a brand new failure signature will inoculate that machine and others effectively protecting from any repeat occurrence. You never get repeat false positives.

Transfer Protection to Many

Mtell agents transfer every learned behavior of normal and degradation/failure conditions to similar equipment across both local and global networks. After a very short retraining period each asset has the same breakdown, safety, environmental, and protection. Using M2M to transfer protection, agents therefore improve industrial output and provide state-of-the-art safety and risk management to multiple locations.

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