Mtell Basis bridges the gap between operations and maintenance systems, allowing personnel to collaborate, support the best quality decision-making, and create optimal asset performance.

Basis Data Sheet
Mtell Basis is the full function gateway between all contemporary SCADA/Automation systems and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems.

Mtell Basis can automatically schedule preventive maintenance the moment exception conditions occur. With up-to-the-minute, accurate information about the assets from both systems, personnel can make immediate, informed decisions. The resulting corrective action minimizes disruptions, maximizes uptime, and increases production output.

Mtell Basis is the most pervasive implementation of the MIMOSA/OpenO&M open standards for connecting operations and maintenance systems.

Mtell Basis has been successfully implemented across various industrial sites around the world. Reliability engineers can use Mtell Basis to generate unlimited machine monitoring rules for any piece of equipment. When combined with Mtell View, Mtell Basis is an essential shrink-wrapped solution presenting intuitive displays that merge SCADA and maintenance data.

Sends SMS and email messages to appropriate personnel

Alarm notifications from SCADA/Operations systems

Charts, KPI’s, reports on tablets, phones, and browsers

Enter Problem Cause Remedy (PCR) reason codes

Condition monitoring, configurable rules engine

Configures mobile apps automatically with Mtell View

Review and edit existing work orders

HMI Maintenance Gateway connects into EAM from operator’s console

Accommodates every type of process and machinery sensor measurement, such as temperature, pressure, flow, vibration, current and phase; and any subsequent calculations or analysis.

Automatically create and deposit work orders into EAM from SCADA alert notifications

Automatically create and deposit work orders into EAM from SCADA alert notifications

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