Machine Learning Partners

Mtell works with numerous partners in the industry to help bring its product to market and to integrate it with existing software in the field. Partners that have worked with Mtell’s machine learning solutions include:

Industrial Asset Management Vendors

In order to deliver a complete maintenance optimization solution, Mtell integrates and interoperates directly with products and services from many vendors of industrial maintenance products, including:

Industrial Internet of Things

Industrial Automation Vendors


Distributors help bring Mtell products to market and support customers in international markets. Distributors leverage an understanding of local markets and customs to manage the local systems integrators responsible for deployment.


Resellers are domestic and international partners that sell direct to end customers, and give Mtell sales channel breadth – more feet on the street.

System Integrators

System Integrators (SI’s) specialize in the installation of Mtell products into industrial IT environments incorporating data collection subsystems such as plant historians and asset management transactional event systems. Furthermore SI’s will configure and deploy Mtell products against process and industrial equipment to deliver the benefits of predictive and prescription action.

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