Dawn of a New Way

Choosing the best maintenance approach is a perennial, much debated problem. All current maintenance methodologies ultimately culminate in a determination of when to inspect and service. Based on decades of experience in operations and maintenance, Mtell came up with a new approach – Prescriptive Maintenance. Rather than “open the box to see if there are filings in the oil pan,” or wait until the check engine light comes on, Mtell makes machines smart so they can tell you about maintenance concerns before they become an issue. We don’t think of this as a revolutionary approach, but rather a resolutionary approach, where industries thrive by repairing what is broken with Maintenance Best Practices that have less than positive results.

“We asked two dozen companies to show us how they were doing predictive analytics. In the end, Mtell was the only one really doing it; and doing it on-line.”

– Senior Executive, US Transportation Company

Smart is as smart does.

Mtell creates smart machines with the Prescriptive Maintenance approach. Much like a visit to the doctor’s office; prescriptive maintenance is a cognitive process involving a symptom analysis walkthrough, diagnosis, consideration of alternatives for treatment, and then a prescription for action. Autonomous Agents work behind the scenes 24/7 – always alert/always aware – learning, adapting and inoculating other machines using our Prescriptive Maintenance approach.

Prescriptive Maintenance

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