Making Machines Smart

In this short introductory video. Get a glimpse of Mtell’s take on the new world of industrial maintenance – where the machines learn and are smart enough to ask for your help when they need it.

Industrial Internet of Things

Mtell uses the Industrial Internet of Things to prevent catastrophic equipment failure by connecting smart machines with Prescriptive Maintenance and big data with people and deep domain expertise.

Creating a world that doesn’t breakdown.

Industrial Maintenance Best Practices have evolved over the years, but machines continue to break down and often with catastrophic results. Bad things continue to happen across all industries because the same broken approaches to maintenance persist.

Mtell has created a unique, all-inclusive approach to maintenance with Autonomous Agents that prescribe precise maintenance intervention that protects not only the machines, but the entire machine ecosystem. We call this the Industrial Resolution™ and the end goal is:


Environmental Catastrophes



Work process bridge between operations and maintenance systems for quality decision-making


Automated, state-of-the-art predictive analysis using machine learning for early detection of equipment degradation


A high performance repository for all manner of time-series data and other indexed or relationship data


Powerhouse collection of all Mtell tools and products enabling subject matter experts to manage equipment at diverse locations

The ease-of-use and the simplicity in how our products work comes from years of actual engagement in the problem space.

Behind the Software

  • Prescriptive Maintenance Basics
  • Overview of Setup and Configuration
  • How Autonomous Agents Work
Prescriptive Maintenance

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